LoVen dip moulded vinyl caps and sleeves for protection and product enhancement.

Dip moulded flexible vinyl caps, sleeves and plugs are perhaps the most common item produced by dip moulding and equally the most versatile. They are currently used in most industries offering protection and enhancement to a variety of products and components.

A major advantage of vinyl caps is the flexibility of the material allowing for one size to fit more than one application but still maintaining an airtight fit. Additionally, production costs are low and the process is most economical for both low and high volume production.

A wide range of material grades are available (listed opposite) that have common properties of resistance to shredding and splitting and offer excellent electrical insulation. Colour choice is extensive and the inherent seam free and gloss finish of vinyl caps makes them an ideal choice for finishing your products such as for tube or bar end closures.

Vinyl caps Standard range

LoVen special products hold extensive tooling to produce the most commonly required diameters as well as rectangular and square secrions each of which are available in variable lengths up to the tool maximum. Further details of LoVen's stock cap range can be found here.

In addition LoVen produce many sizes and special variations for thread protection and larger sizes for use in the construction and oil industries for pipe flange and mating surface protection during transport and assembly.

Vinyl caps in custom sizes

Dip moulding offers one of the most economical and speedy solutions for the production of custom vinyl cap sizes. Full production tooling can be produced in a fraction of time required for most other plastic moulding processes with prototype samples available in a matter of days. As specialist custom dip moulders Loven special products have an extensive knowledge of the process and the facilities to produce your requirement quickly and efficiently.

For further information and advice on vinyl cap solutions contact LoVen.